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Sunday, January 23, 2022


This program is made available to our community through the generous support from the Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Heath and the BC Farmers Market Association.

During each Farmers Market season, coupon booklets worth $21 / each are made available to households that fit into the program demographic.  These coupons are then taken to the market and spent similar to cash on fruit, vegetables, and other items allowed within the program.  

In addition to the provincial partners, we also have local partners including Merritt Youth and Families, the Conayt Society, and our local Infant Development Team.  These partners help us to identify families that would benefit from this program, assist in food related training, and also assist in the allocation of the coupons if those families don't regularily access food bank services.   We thank them for their partnerships because when we all work together our whole community benefits. 

** income levels for this program are based on the Stats Canada LICOs income levels rather than our lower local food bank income levels.  If you are interested in finding out more information on this please access the links below or call and speak to a volunteer for clarification.




Merritt Youth and Family Resources   http://www.merrittfamilyresources.com/

The Conayt Friendship Center           http://www.conayt.com/

Nicola Valley Infant Develop Team     http://www.idpofbc.ca/

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