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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Food bank services consist of short term assistance, through the allocation of supplemental food hampers, for members of the community who are having difficulties accessing food while living in a low income situation.  While accessing our assistance it is understood that recipients will be doing what they can to improve their situation.  Merritt has many organizations to help and if you can not find help please ask one of our volunteers or our client services advocate for assistance on where to look.  

Hampers, that can be accessed once in a 4 week period, may contain a selection of nonperishable food items as well as potatoes, onions, carrots, meat, and a choice of either bread, wieners, or eggs depending on what is available through donations.   In the alternate weeks there is a smaller assistance package available and often consists of eggs, bread, or wieners along with donated buns and fruits and vegetables if available.  During the gardening season we are often able to offer a wide selection of locally grown fruit and vegetables and appreciate all those who donate in order to make this possible.

Families containing young children up to the age of 7 can sign up for our Success by 6 Program which provides extra monthly food items as well as a birthday package in order to assist in the celebration of those children during their developmental years.  It is up to the client to identify themselves and the upcoming events to our volunteer team in order to take advantage of these programs.  

 Those needing to access the food bank services must register as a client and will also be required to update their client profile at least once every 6 months or when a detail changes including contact information.   

Not all programs administered by the Nicola Valley and District have income limitations and if you need assistance it may be beneficial to attend the food bank to discuss this further.download

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